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How does ClearSync 2 AutoSync work?



  • Bob Fowler

    I find no link to preferences to allow 2 way syncing.  This is a most important feature to me, to be able to sync my ClearSync calendars with Google, 2 ways.

  • Support

    Thanks for the question.

    The answer is that syncs with all ClearSync apps and services are by default always bi-directional between that app / service and the ClearSync Server.

    FYI the only app that currently has a user-configurable option to control the sync directionality is the ClearSync To Outlook (CS2O) utility.

    However, since the Internet / cloud-based CS Server is the central place all syncs go through, and each app + device / platform combination has its own unique autosync settings and constraints, there will naturally be some delay for a full "end-to-end" process for syncing changes from one app / service on its device / platform to another and then back again to complete.

    But once these factors are properly understood, depending on the type of changes that are being synced, you can either wait for each app's next scheduled autosync to trigger or, when needed, you can expedite the process by doing manual "Sync Now" actions in one or more of the apps and in the applicable order.

    For example, let's follow how one of the more complicated set of syncs from one app & device/platform to another works. Even though only a relatively small set of users are likely to have such a situation, this illustration should give you a pretty good understanding of what's going on both with what you can see & control and "behind the scenes".

    Let's say you have a new event in the ClearSync for Android (CSA) app on your phone or tablet that you wish to get synced to both your Outlook & Google calendars, and also one event edit each in Outlook and Gcal you want to show up in each of these apps as well as on your mobile device.

    If CSA syncs first, either when the next autosync interval after the event was created gets triggered or upon your doing a MENU > Sync Now, then it "waits" on the CS Server until the next app syncs.

    Let's say that in this case your CS2O autosync activates next -- or you do a manual <Sync Once Now> on the CS2O "dashboard" -- which will sync that new CSA event to Outlook and also send the Outlook event change to the CS Server.

    Then the Outlook event "waits" on the server until the ClearSync Google Sync (CSGS) service does its autosync, which syncs both the new CSA event & Outlook edited event to the Google calendar(s) the CS calendars they reside on are bridged to -- and at the same time the edited Gcal event will sync to the CS Server, where it in turn now waits to be synced.

    Two more syncs remain for this "3 events sync" scenario to complete -- CSA again to get both the Outlook & Gcal event edits to your phone and CS2O to pass that Gcal event to Outlook on your PC.

    The good news is most changes needing to synced are usually from just one app to the Server. And while the CS License you have -- Gold, Silver, or Free -- does govern the autosync frequency options for the CSA & CS2O apps (and the ClearSync 2 Desktop & CS2 Viewer as well), the only autosync interval we do not fully control at this point is CSGS, due to restrictions that Google imposes on outside apps. Below for your reference is an overview of how CSGS autosyncing works.

    How ClearSync Google Sync (CSGS) Autosyncs 

    FYI, due to constraints Google imposes on sync requests from external sources, after the initial setup & sync, the ClearSync Google Sync (CSGS) bridges currently autosync as follows. You can, of course, generate a <Sync Now> any time you wish via your “My ClearSync” CSGS page

    * For Silver & Gold Licensed Accounts, a minimum of once per day (sometime between 12:00am-1:00am Pacific time, depending on where each user's Account falls in this 1st-of-day sync queue).

    * Free Accounts -- ie, those without a purchased License assigned to them after the Free Trial period has expired -- only autosync after your Account has been synced to from a ClearSync app.

    * Every time a sync to the ClearSync Server is done from any of the mobile or PC-based ClearSync apps: 
    - On the hour for datasets less than 1000 events 
    - On the half hour for datasets equal to or greater than 1000 events

    * All CSGS bridges get synced – there is currently no provision for syncing only some but not all bridges. 
    * CSGS syncs are bi-directional -- an option for one side to "over-ride" the other will be added in a future release. 
    * If you delete a CSGS bridge and wish to later “re-bridge” the same Google calendar, you must delete the previously bridged ClearSync calendar to avoid creating duplicates of all the events originally synced between the 2 calendars as there is currently no provision for "de-duplicating" them.


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